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Our traditional bamboo rugs come in several different colors and are all made from the highest quality bamboo found in the Anji Mountain Region of China. Anji bamboo is considered the finest and most plentiful bamboo in the world. These bamboo mats can be used both indoors as a bamboo area rug and in a covered area outdoors. They are easy to clean & perfect for making a bold, beatiful statement in any room!

Traditional Bamboo Rugs

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  1. Villager Natural Bamboo Rug

    With honey and almond tones this bamboo rug is a great fit for an indoor/outdoor room because it has light enough tones to brighten the space, but dark enough that it won't show sand or dirt marks easily. With shades of rich, warm browns, these bamboo rugs will spice up your home with an organic elegance. Lay out a smaller rug in your kitchen or bathroom, pick out a runner for the hallway, or choose a larger area rug to tie together a sitting area or office space. 

  2. Pearl River Bamboo Rug

    Add a touch of simple tranquility to just about anywhere in your living or office space with our Pearl River Bamboo area rug. Great for giving open areas a more intimate feel with a sleek, stylish edge, this rug will add organic flair to any space with its warm brown hue.

  3. Cafe Mocha Bamboo Rug

    To add a cozy, natural touch to your home, look no further than our Cafe Mocha bamboo rug. Place one beneath a seating area to center a large, open space and bring people together, or use one of these richly colored rugs to lend a bathroom the luxurious feeling of an organic spa. In any size, these dark bamboo rugs are a stately addition to the home or office. 

  4. Desert Sand Bamboo Rug

    Our natural bamboo rugs will find a good home just about anywhere in your living or office space with their warm, neutral tones and durable quality. Add some texture and a touch of simple tranquility with one of our neutral area rugs, available in a selection of sizes for a perfect fit. 

  5. Cafe Vanilla Mocha Bamboo Rug

    Lightly patterned in natural tones, these multi-color bamboo rugs will add subtle depth anywhere in your home or office. Lay a larger one in an open space to add a bit of texture, or tie together a seating area with a bamboo area rug underneath. Allow one of the sustainable rug runners to greet your guests by placing one at the front door!

  6. Key Lime Bamboo Rug

    Bringing to mind reedy beaches and gentle summer breezes, a green bamboo rug is a great reminder of relaxing sunny days. It will feel most at home in a room that gets plenty of natural light or under a swing on your sheltered porch! 

  7. Mahogany Brick Bamboo Rug

    Does your space lack a certain zest? Spice it up with our sustainable mahogany bamboo rug. Great as either an eye-catching centerpiece in a room or a punchy accent, these rugs will breathe life into neutral or minimalist decor.

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7 Item(s)