Accessorizing Your Hallway with Rug Runners

Desert Willow Jute Hallway Runner

Hallways are the paths that lead family and friends around your home. With all the foot traffic coming in through entranceways and connecting the various rooms of your home, your hardwood, tile, carpet and other flooring can get worn down and dirty quickly. Most folks have at minimum an entrance mat at the front or rear doors, but oftentime dirty feet and messy passersby require more protection with a rug runner.

For wood and tile floored hallways we recommend jute rug runners. Jute is a great natural fiber that comes in a variety of mixed color patterns. The jute material provides protection for the flooring below and has a forgiving pattern when it comes to dirt and other stains that inevitably pop up. Jute rug runners are also nice coverings for hard floors because they are well insulated from cooler and damper surfaces. Jute rug runners provide a delightful cozy ambiance to areas that are generally undecorated.

Andes Natural Jute Rug Runner

Desert Willow Wool and Jute Rug Runner

Seagrass rug runners also work fantastically in high traffic areas, like the hallway and entrance areas. Seagrass is extremely durable and water resistant. These rugs will also provide a lovely organic feel to your decor and add subtle texture and attractiveness to undressed areas. 

Verdure Seagrass Rug Runner