Bamboo: Good for the Environment, Good for You!

If you’re looking to spruce up an area of your home or office with a touch of natural style, bamboo rugs are a great, eco-conscious solution.  That’s because bamboo is a renewable resource that you can feel good about adding to your decor.

Anji Mountain Region

 Bamboo is grown in the Anji mountain region of China — its native environment — and stalks that have reached full maturity after five to six years are harvested by local residents.  Five to six years is a much quicker time frame than other comparable materials, like hardwood trees, so not only are the Anji mountain people able to maintain a constant supply of this woody grass, but there is less disruption to the natural environment than when, say, a rainforest is leveled.

It’s also worth noting that bamboo rugs are made from start to finish on the Anji mountain.  The wood is cut down by skilled local laborers using sickle-like instruments, and then hauled a short distance away to a processing facility, where it is cut, sanded, and sewn into beautiful and useful pieces.  In contrast, other production processes might involve a slew of different materials shipped in from different parts of the world to one manufacturing facility, wasting natural fuel resources in their transport.

Eco Friendly

Furthermore, you can be sure that our bamboo rugs contain no hazardous chemical additives like some other items of household decor.  Many stain- and water-resistant finishes in furniture and some rugs, for example, contain volatile organic compounds. “Volatile” in this sense just means “easily evaporated at normal temperatures.” So particles of some solids and liquids — including substances commonly used in the making of home furnishings — are prone to evaporating into the air around you, where you are likely to breathe them in. VOCs can contain formaldehyde — a known human carcinogen — acetaldehyde, isocyanates, and benzene. All of these compounds have been known to cause adverse health effects. As a natural material free of chemical treatments, bamboo doesn’t contain any VOCs. Rest assured, you can feel safe with a bamboo rug from Natural Rug Co, as they do not contain hazardous chemical additives.

Buying natural products for your home is good for you and the environment!