Benefits Of Bamboo Rugs

Eco FriendlyAre you one of the growing number of consumers seeking ways to incorporate "green" products into your home? You will find that bamboo is a valuable resource that reduces dependence on declining timber resources, is a renewable resource material, promotes a 'green' environment and helps to lessen the environmental impact on its production.

The eco-friendly aspect of bamboo rugs is of course extremely important, whether you're committed to a green lifestyle or not. Made from one of the most durable and sustainable materials, bamboo rugs and chair mats are made to last and everything possible is done in their manufacture to cause little harm to the environment. Bamboo rugs are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Made with bamboo slats of varying sizes and lined with either a cotton or poly border, the elements that make up a bamboo rug are all tested and treated to ensure top quality. In addition, Natural Rug Co sells bamboo rugs that have non slip backings.  


Growing Bamboo



How does bamboo improve on hardwood? Cut down a hardwood tree and it’s gone. It will take several decades for another to grow in its place; it can take a century for a forest to grow back after cutting. Bamboo is a grass, not a tree. Under the right conditions, it can grow a full meter a day — you can literally watch it grow. It is also fast maturing. A new bamboo plant is mature enough to harvest after three to six years, depending on the species. Most importantly, bamboo is renewable. Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo regrows after harvesting, just as grass regrows after cutting. After it is mature, bamboo can be harvested every single year for the life of the plant.



Bamboo Zen



What do you think of when you think about bamboo area rugs? Many people think about nature, or zen, or simplicity. Bamboo rugs can possess a number of subtle traits that enhance a room. For example, a mahogany bamboo rug will add a unique modern touch, where a key lime green rug can provide a fresh, natural burst of color. Bamboo rugs are very versatile, and possess many features that make them an ideal fit for many interiors.


There are many important features to look for in your bamboo rug. First, it should be soft and slightly flexible to account for carpeted, tile, wood or other finished floors. The bottom should also accommodate floors, meaning it should have a soft, but rubbery backing to make sure the bamboo area rugs stay in place without scratching or damaging the floor below.