Decorating With Jute Area Rugs

River Sand Jute Rug

While hardwood and tile floors are beautiful in their own right, they still require a soft touch from time to time. There are a number of rugs out there that will promise style while protecting the floor from dirt and damage. However, none fulfill that promise quite like jute rugs, made from one of the most widely used natural fibers in the world. Most of these popular fibers hail from farms in India and Bangladesh and are handloom woven into the beautiful products that you may see adorning hallways and living rooms. Along with the way they are produced, there are a number of reasons that cast jute rugs apart from the rest. Their fibers are naturally anti-static and insulating and their ability to self regulate moisture helps keep mold and bacteria away. Not only that but their colors, patterns, and textures help in more ways than one when it comes to decorating the home while getting functional use out of them as well. Here are some simple ways to decorate with jute rugs. 


Bring in Natural Elements

The rustic look of jute rugs can bring a natural feel into any room. The various browns and tans only enhance what you’re going for and can blend in with numerous color schemes. While the rugs look great with rustic pieces, they also provide the perfect balance between country and contemporary. Meaning, they’ll look good with most room decor themes. Be sure to add other natural accent pieces, including organic plants, wood framed pictures, and linen type throw pillows. 


Play with Textures

Because Jute rugs may be blended with such natural fibers as wool or coir, they can be made very coarse or even soft and silky. Have fun with the various textures of your home by mixing and matching. Lay a soft jute rug down on reclaimed wood floors to add a bit of gentleness to an otherwise rugged surface. If you need a rug that can hold up under the damaging effects of foot traffic, use a coarse textured jute rug to your advantage in the hallway, where you’ll see a good amount of walking and running. There are many designers who are now using jute rugs as layering elements. A larger, flat, neutral jute rug can be placed under a smaller, softer rug of any other natural material to create a stunning visual affect and great texture to your room. A thick, chunky rug like the Cobblestone will add dynamic beefy texture to your living space.

 Use the Color and Designs
Cait Bates Jute Area Rug 
You can also take advantage of the gorgeous natural colors and unique, handloom woven designs that jute area rugs come in. The Ruby Rue blends soft neutral colors to create a subtle texture that would look great atop a smooth hardwood floor. The Cait Bates jute rug is so unique you can use it as the focal point of your space. Just use simple decorative pieces and furniture throughout the rest of the room.
The mixing of colors and various designs of jute rugs also comes in handy when you have messy guests or dirty feet because, by nature, they are good at hiding any dirt or stains that may come their way.