Natural Rug Information

We have a diverse array of rugs to suit your sustainable designing needs. Between our jute rugsseagrass rugssisal rugspaper shag rugssilky shag rugs, and bamboo rugs, you’re certain to find something to fit any space in your home. Natural Rug Co. offers high-quality, natural rugs that will bring life to your home! Browse the store to find out more about the beautiful products we offer.


Villager Natural Bamboo Rug       Bamboo Rug Information


Speaking of most popular products, our bamboo rugs are by far our best sellers. We've got pages dedicated to bamboo rug information including details about the skilled tradesman of the Anji Mountain region who are responsible for crafting huge stalks of bamboo into high quality rugs. Bamboo rugs are perfect for entrance ways, living areas, and outdoor areas. Available in various shapes, sizes, and tones, you're sure to find a bamboo rug for your home. Use bamboo rugs in your main entrance hall and in the back entrance to prevent dirt from being tracked into your home. Bamboo rugs are also great for the living room, dining room, at the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom. You can use bamboo rugs to entertain outdoors, when you have a covered patio or deck. When decorating your home with rugs, one of the many benefits of bamboo rugs is that they're easy to clean. Each bamboo rug has a solid surface that you can easily wipe down with a rag or mop and shake outside. Wherever there's a need for floor covering, you're sure to find the right size bamboo rug for that space.




Savannah Natural Jute Rug

 Jute Rug Information


Jute is the most widely used natural fiber in the world aside from cotton and can be made into a variety of different useful products. You’ve most likely seen this fiber before as it is commonly used to make burlap. Our jute rugs are hand-loom woven out of natural jute yarn fibers and come in a variety of designs and sizes. They are also ideal for bare floors as they have natural anti-static and insulating properties in addition to being self-moisture regulating which helps prevent any mold or bacterial buildup. Additionally, jute rugs work great as hallway runners. Jute is a highly used and sought after natural fiber due both to its resilience during the manufacturing process as well as how abundant it is. As a result, we are able to carry a wide variety of jute rugs with textures varying from very coarse to soft and silky. You're sure to find an area in your home that you can decorate with our jute rugs.






Espresso Paper Shag Rug

 Paper Shag Rug Information


Our paper shag rugs are made out of 50% recycled paper combined with other binding agents to create a super soft and uniquely textured area rug. It's that perfect blend of the conscious environmentalist and the distinctive carpet style that made the 60's and 70's great. We've even got some cool colors including dark brown, cream and confetti for those of you adventurists!








Vanilla Creme Silky Shag Rug

 Silky Shag Rug Information


If you love soft cotton fabrics as well as gentle bamboo fabrics, our silky shag rugs are the perfect combination! These rugs are made from a unique weave of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo fibers. In keeping with our retro 60's theme, we've provided a variety of cool shag colors including a deep red crimson, coffee brown and lighter whites and creams.








Prairie Seagrass Rug 

Seagrass Rug Information


Seagrass, essentially what the name implies, 'grass from the sea' is a strong resilient fiber that is a bit rougher than our other materials. Because our seagrass rugs are extra durable, they are most popular in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Finished colors range from light to dark brown with hints of greens and blues that reflect the unique characteristic of this particular grass. Fun fact: there are a variety of different sea grasses around the world and they often serve the same purpose in the water as other grasses do on land, to prevent erosion that may be caused by strong currents or other outside factors. Read more information on the benefits of seagrass rugs.






Sandstone Sisal Rug

Sisal Rug Information

Sisal rugs are the hardiest natural rugs around as they come from the agave family which prefers drier climates where hardier plants thrive. If you live near saltwater you know that certain materials can be more easily damaged. However, our sisal rugs are naturally resistant to the effects of saltwater making it a perfect addition to your beach retreat.