Benefits of Bamboo Chair Mats

Deluxe Bamboo Chair Mat

Chances are you are spending many hours a day in front of a computer either at home or at the office. We at Natural Rug Co want to help make that time more comfortable by recommending our bamboo chair mats. 

There are generally two reasons to consider using a chair mat: a) to facilitate in the ease of moving from one area of your work station to the next, and b) to help protect the hardwood flooring or the carpet that is underneath your chair from becoming ripped, scratched, dented or marred.

We recommend our bamboo chair mats for the following reasons:

  • Bamboo is extremely durable—its fibers are far stronger than even wood fibers and much less likely to warp from changing atmospheric conditions. 
  • Bamboo will not crack or create divots from the weight of a heavy chair and constant moving, like a plastic mat does over time. 
  • A bamboo chair mat will create a more attractive, elegant and richer ambiance than an ordinary plastic mat. It will add a definite touch of class to your work space. Our mats blend in well with many office decor themes. 
  • Our bamboo mats can conveniently be rolled up for easy cleaning underneath. Be sure to clean under your chair mat regularly to prevent build up of dirt and debris, which can cause scratching and marring to the flooring. 
  • Along with the eco-friendly bamboo foundation, our mats are finished with a premium, eco-friendly, UV-cured coating for ultimate protection.
  • Our mats come with a felt backing with non-slip gripper dots to keep the mat in place.
  • Our bamboo mats come in three great colors.
  • Bamboo chair mats have a long life duration.

While bamboo mats have a higher price tag compared to plastic mats, the longer life span of these office chair mats more than offset the up-front investment. Plastic and rubber chair mats wear over time. In the long run these cheaper mats become hard and brittle, eventually cracking and deteriorating. Exposure to intense sunlight can speed up this process. 

Natural Rug Co's bamboo mats are expertly carbonized (moisture and oils are naturally removed) and kiln dried (further removing moisture) to help prevent cracking and warping. We ensure that your chair mat will be durable and long lasting.