Benefits of Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are a beautiful, eco-friendly approach to brighten up your home using a highly practical, versatile and hypoallergenic material. Below are just a few of the many benefits you gain when using seagrass rugs.

Prairie Seagrass Rug

They are sustainable. Seagrass area rugs are constructed from natural, eco-friendly fibers that are thick, flat and smooth. Seagrasses are flowering plants found in marsh wetlands. When used for area rugs, the gorgeous fibers are intricately woven for uniformity and thickness.

They are affordable. Seagrass might sound expensive based on the quality of the material, but these rugs are highly affordable. 

They are durable. Seagrass area rugs are some of the most stain-resistant flooring accents that you’ll ever find. Dirt is easily swept away or vacuumed with a suction attachment, and these carpets are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Even pet stains are no match for the power of seagrass, because urine is not easily absorbed into the fibers. 

They contain hypoallergenic properties. Are you an allergy sufferer? Then seagrass is definitely the rug for you. It’s virtually allergen free, and it contains no dangerous toxins.

They have extreme water resistance. Seagrass is virtually non-porous, so you need not worry about water damage, excessive staining or mold accumulation. Cleaning stains is always simple, and the material’s resistance to water absorbency only heightens its long-term durability.

They are beautiful. Patterned at every angle, seagrass rugs are pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint and will not disappoint when it comes to enhancing your decor. 

They are biodegradable. When you decide your seagrass rug has lived its life to the fullest, it can be buried in the ground and will eventually decompose (of course, the latex backing should be removed). Or if burned, there will be no more carbon or pollutants emitted than what was absorbed of the fibers during its lifetime.

Check out the 2 lovely seagrass rugs available from Natural Rug Co. 

Verdure Seagrass Rug    Prairie Seagrass Rug